Hi and welcome to lindseysnutrition!

Lindseysnutrition is a blog to inspire healthy and balanced choices. Almost my whole life I’ve been a healthy eater and involved in fitness. But I was never consistent with it, until my eating disorder. I had an eating disorder for three years and it completely changed my life. Full of fear and unhealthy relationships with food, I learned to turn myself around. Through trial and error, I have learned a lot about nutrition and fitness. I’ve spent most of my time researching and reading about nutrition when I was recovering. So now, my goal is to share what I’ve learned and to motivate change. For this blog, I’m sharing my healthy meals of the day. Each meal is targeted for those with busy schedules, so it’s healthy fast food!


If you have any questions regarding meal plans, whether you want better skin, tone up, or build muscle, I will make them for you.  Email me at lindseysnutrition@gmail.com for specific information!